Pope: Family of Four

For the past 14 months, Justin, myself and Ollie have been a family of 3. We’ve talked over the past while about possibly getting another dog. Should we get a big dog? Should we get another pug? Should we rescue or adopt a dog? And the search began. We looked online at CraigsList, Facebook and various rescue websites with no such luck.

All that changed one Wednesday night a few weeks ago. As a pug mom, I follow a lot of Instagram and Facebook pug/dog pages. I love reading about what other dog families are up to and seeing what cute outfits they’ve dressed them in. I hadn’t been home from work long and was sitting on the couch scrolling through Facebook. I noticed one of the pug pages had posted a picture of one of their pugs who was pregnant. I commented that I was excited for them and couldn’t wait to see pictures of those sweet babies once they were born. 🙂

Side note: I suddenly remember this owner making a comment a while back on one of Ollie’s pictures that they live in North Carolina. So I decided to send her a message.

I introduced myself and asked if they planned on keeping the puppies or would be interested in selling them. She said she was only going to keep one and would sell the rest. I explained that I already had a pug and had been thinking about getting another one to accompany Ollie. I asked that she keep me in mind once the puppies were born. She said she would and wanted to make sure that all the puppies would go to loving homes and not be used for breeding. I told her that Ollie had already been neutered and we have no intention of breeding pugs. We just wanted another dog to spoil and for Ollie to have a brother or sister to play with. She said she would put my name on the list.

The list? Oh no. That list must be a mile long. I tried not to get overly excited even though in the back of my mind I was doing cartwheels. 🙂

Fast forward to the following Wednesday. After work, I again was sitting on the couch scrolling through Facebook. All of a sudden, there they were….pug puppies! The mom had the pugs that day! Before I even knew what happened, I sent the owner another message congratulating her on those 5 sweet babies and to keep me in mind once she was ready to find them homes. A few minutes later I get a message back from her saying she had a boy available. A boy????

Wait. Stop. Regroup.

I had to reread the message a couple times just to make sure I read it correctly. I absolutely had to have him!

Over the next several days, Justin and I searched through hundreds of names. We couldn’t agree on any of them. Finally we decided on Otis. We will pick Otis up sometime in March.

We are so excited on becoming a family of 4 🙂

Ollie would like you to meet his new brother:

Baby brother Otis


On This Day: A Very Special Memory

Today is a very special day for me, Justin and Ollie. It was one year ago today that Justin surprised me with Ollie for my birthday. He had been planning the surprise for months and had me completely oblivious to the entire thing. I wrote a post on how everything happened last year. You can read it here.

My sister, who was also in on the surprise, caught the entire thing on video. I apologize in advance for my ridiculousness, but how are you supposed to act when you’re being surprised? 🙂 Here is the lovely video for your viewing pleasure.

Over the past year, we have come to love this {not so little anymore} guy and have shared more laughs than we could possibly imagine. Ollie lights up our lives each and every day and we can’t imagine what it would be like without him. Ollie loves everything and everybody. He is the best gift I have ever received and I’m so glad Justin did this for me.

It makes me want to get Ollie a puggy brother or sister or both….we’ll see what happens. 🙂

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Blogging 101: My Audience

Who would I like to read my blog? Everyone, of course! 🙂

Are you an animal lover? Are you obsessed with pugs? Do you like to cook or bake? Do you want to try new recipes? Do you find yourself keeping up with friends and complete strangers day-to-day lives through their blogs? If any of these applies to you, then you’ve come to the right place. We’re going to be great friends 🙂

I guess I don’t really have a specific audience in mind. I intend to share with whomever wants to read silly stories about my pug Ollie, new recipes I’m trying out or the old faithful ones, my latest cake decorating trials and tribulations, my journey through planning a wedding, and everything else in between. I want to you to see that there are positive things in every day life that can make you happy and make your life happy.

Those are just a few of my happy places in life. I look forward to telling you all about them and lots more!

yoda ollie

My Ollie Bug

Happy {late} Birthday to me

November 29. Eight days after my birthday. It was time to head home from a week-long family vacation at the Outer Banks. With our cars packed to the max, we headed out. While I was not looking forward to the 7+ hour drive home, I at least had Justin and my sister, Meleah to talk to the whole way. With only a couple of hours left until we got home, we stopped at a gas station to stretch our legs and grab some snacks. We had not been back on the road for even a half hour and Justin tells me we’re going to stop and look at a car. {Are you kidding me?!} I was not thrilled with this idea because 1 – I was tired of riding, 2 – we had everyone else’s things packed in the truck along with ours, 3 – my sister had to go pick up her dogs from the dog sitter, and 4 – it was getting late. I didn’t want to prolong this ride home any longer.

{Cue the silent treatment the rest of the way.}

We finally pull up to the house and I didn’t see a car for sale in the driveway as I expected. Justin got out and knocked on the front door. He went inside and was gone for a few minutes. I had a ton of things running through my mind at this point…. Why was there no car in the driveway? Why did he go inside the house? What is taking so long? Are we about to get robbed? He finally comes out through the garage and motions for me to get out of the truck. My sister asked if I wanted her to come with me and of course I said yes because I was already freaking out. We slowly walk into the garage and Justin is standing there holding a pug puppy. A. PUG. PUPPY. Here I am thinking he just wanted me to see this person’s cute puppy. Boy was I wrong. He looked at me and said, “We’re not here to look at a car.” Wait…..what did he just say?!?!

Shocked. Stunned. Speechless. And then I cried.

As it turns out, the lady who lived there raises pugs. Justin had been planning the surprise for a few months and EVERYONE knew about it but me. Best. surprise. ever.

Meet Ollie!


This is only the beginning about Ollie. You’ve been warned. 🙂

Getting back to blogging in 2015!

back againI didn’t plan on being on hiatus, it just kind of happened. But there were plenty of good reasons.

Let me explain…

In October, I was on the job hunt. A friend from college suggested I apply for a position at a credit union. I filled out an application and was asked for an interview a few days later. After what seemed to be the longest interview of my life, I received a phone call later the same day with the job offer. I excitedly accepted and began working a few weeks later. This job is definitely challenging because I’m learning a wealth of things in a field I never pictured myself being a part of. I’m really enjoying it so far and I owe it to my friend for throwing out the idea. Thanks Anna! 🙂

November was an exciting month! My new co-workers had a surprise birthday lunch for me on my birthday and I spent a week celebrating at the Outer Banks with my family over Thanksgiving. I also received the best surprise ever from Justin….a pug puppy! He’s known since day one how much I love pugs and he went above and beyond to surprise me (I’ll explain later). Also, while at the beach, Justin got the news that he could close on his house….yay! A new house!

December has been busy with cleaning, unpacking, getting ready for Christmas, celebrating Christmas, packing up Christmas and unpacking more boxes. We’re almost finished with our unpacking and getting ready to move on to buying furniture.

I’ve had lots going on over the past few months and promise to be more faithful with the blog!

Here’s to a new job, new puppy, new house, new year, new blog posts and lots of new happy places! Happy 2015!