Baked Spaghetti, a Pug and a Proposal

Just three short weeks ago, what was supposed to be a family dinner turned into a night I’ll never forget. I rushed home from work to prepare two pans of baked spaghetti because my parents, godparents and Justin’s parents were coming over for dinner. Once our families arrived, they talked over appetizers while I put the finishing touches on dinner. Just before everything was ready, Justin talked with the dads the living room and I talked with the moms in the kitchen. Justin strikes up a conversation with my dad about two drawers in our bathroom that never stay shut. My dad explained it had something to do with the angle of the tracks of the drawers. So, he and Justin were off to the bathroom to check out the drawers. Or so I thought.

Little did I know, or my dad for that matter, that Justin had no intention of pulling out drawers and looking at the tracks. He was asking my dad for permission to marry me. A few minutes later, my dad walks out of the bedroom and Justin asks me to come see Ollie. My first thought was that Ollie had found his way to the bathroom and unrolled the brand new roll of toilet paper that I just put on the holder. {side note: Ollie had discovered toiled paper and unrolled quite a bit of it earlier in the week} As I walk across the living room, I hear my dad tell my mom to get her camera out. She questioned him on why she needed her camera and he again told her to go get her camera. As I’m hearing this, I’m picturing a huge mound of toilet paper and Ollie with his mouth full. I thought my dad was wanting my mom to come take a picture of it. I had no idea what was coming.

I walk into the bedroom and I didn’t see a huge pile of toilet paper or Ollie with his mouth full….thank goodness. Instead, Justin tells me that Ollie put himself up in his crate. As I walk to the crate, I notice that Ollie has his red vest on. So I let him out and see a note on Ollie’s back. The note read:


Will you marry my dad?


After reading the note, I turn around and Justin is down on one knee, his hands shaking and a huge smile across his face. He very quickly says, “Will you marry me?”. I’m pretty sure my mouth hit the floor. He stands up and the first words out of my mouth are, “Are you serious?! Are you for real?!” Then he asks if I’m gonna answer him. And of course I said yes 🙂 As I’m looking at the ring, I drop it on the floor. We had to quickly move Ollie back so he wouldn’t eat it. Justin puts the ring on my finger and we stood there hugging for a long time.

Holy crap. We’re engaged!

We walk out into the living room and our families all have their phones out snapping pictures right and left. For a minute, we knew what it felt like to be famous 🙂 It finally made sense why my dad told my mom to get the camera out.

Needless to say, our families are very excited for us as are we. I think the shock has finally worn off and reality is setting in.

Let the planning begin!