The Who & The Why

Welcome to the Finding Happy Places blog! My name is Jessica and I’m from North Carolina. I am a small town girl who loves pugs, collecting cookbooks, and chocolate. I am also still relatively new to blogging even though I started my blog in 2014 and I hope to learn a lot with Blogging 101 🙂

Why am I here? Good question. I became interested in blogging after seeing a few friends share their personal blogs on Facebook and I enjoyed reading about their families and daily lives. I added blogging to my New Year’s Resolution list and set out to start my own. I started writing a few posts here and there over the course of 2014 and into 2015 and would also go through lazy spells for months at a time but still found myself reading other blogs that I follow.

I have decided to stop being lazy, sign up for this course and continue learning about blogging. I want to blog about every day life (i.e. family, friends, my pug – Ollie, my wedding planning journey, cooking, etc.), finding something positive about each day (I call them ‘happy places’). When I first began blogging, I started a Marvelous Monday series each week to recap on things that made me happy over the previous week. I wanted to bring a little sunshine to Mondays since they’re often the least favorite day of the week and because a lot of people always focus on Fridays on their blogs. I wouldn’t mind continuing to do something like that.

I look forward to sharing my happy places in life with you and I hope you’ll share yours with me!



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