Marvelous Monday

It’s another Marvelous Monday! ….Well, not as marvelous as last Monday because I have this icky cold. But here are 5 of my favorite things that happened over the past week:

1. Thursday night my Tarheels beat Duke! Or as we Tarheel fans call them, Dook. I had been so nervous about watching the game that I could only make myself watch until halftime. Call me chicken. The Heels were down by 7 at half and I was afraid they wouldn’t make a comeback in the second half. I did however wake up around 5:30 the next morning to catch up on all the details. Whew.

2. I had much needed ME time on Sunday. Nothing more relaxing than a pedicure and some chocolate ice cream. Nope. Nothing like it.

I love pink. And chocolate ice cream. And sprinkles. And oreos. And chocolate chips. And hot fudge.

I love pink polish. And chocolate ice cream. And sprinkles. And oreos. And chocolate chips. And hot fudge.

3. Today is not only Marvelous Monday but it’s also my godmother’s birthday. I would not be where I am today without her. She’s one of the most wonderful people I know and I’m lucky she’s my godmother. We’re celebrating Vegas style! 🙂

4. Speaking of Vegas, I have the monumental task of packing for my upcoming trip. Last time I had enough clothes to stay two weeks when I was only going for 4 days. I can’t imagine packing for this trip would be anything less. It’s a good thing I can’t fit my entire closet in the suitcase. I should at least save some room for all the cash I’ll be bringing back, right?

5. My boyfriend’s back! Justin’s been out of town playing in a golf tournament for the past few days and I’m so glad he’s finally home! We’re having date night before I leave for Vegas. He’s promised me Mexican. Oh how I love Mexican. And him. 🙂


Marvelous Mondays

Mondays are known for being anything but marvelous. So I’ve decided to make Mondays a little more bearable for me by reflecting on some of my favorite things from the past week.

Oops. It’s Tuesday. We’ll call it Terrific Tuesday just this once.

1. snOMG. I love weather. I’m obsessed with weather. Especially big storms – thunderstorms, tornados, hurricanes, snow storms…you get the picture. It’s not often in the south that we get huge snow storms. It’s mostly a dusting here and there with everybody freaking out and wiping out the grocery stores of their bread and milk supplies. No dusting this time. It snowed for two days. TWO DAYS. I measured the snowfall on the deck like every hour and checked the weather reports every 5 minutes. Excited?! No, not me.Ruler 2

2. My family doesn’t really do much to celebrate Valentine’s Day. However, a spur of the moment dinner out at one of our go-to restaurants was quite nice. Who doesn’t love to fill up on junk food with their parents? If that’s not love, I don’t know what is.

3. Roses. My boyfriend claims to be anti-Valentine. He’s told me over and over how he thinks it’s ridiculous to go out and spend tons of money on candy, flowers, gifts, etc. for just one day. But being the thoughtful person he is, he surprises me on Valentine’s Day with a dozen roses. I’m not buying the anti-Valentine thing again.Rose

4. I surprised my boyfriend with tickets to the UNC vs. Pittsburgh game for Valentine’s Day.  I think I just won the girlfriend of the year award. Ha! 😉UNC

5. While in Chapel Hill for the weekend, the boyfriend and I stopped in to see a good friend of mine. It’s always good to visit friends. And catch up. And drink margaritas. And eat brownies.

How did you make your Monday marvelous?